Random Word Trivia Quiz Part 2

Now let’s see how you go with Part 2 of the Random Word Trivia Quiz Translation Challenge.

Remember, your goal is to guess both the English and Chinese expression for each question. You get double points if you can guess it in your second language!


1. Someone who stays inside home a lot, plays video games and doesn’t socialise that much. (noun)

2. An uneducated and unsophisticated person, probably from a rural area. (noun)

3. Your lover kisses you on the neck with their teeth and leaves a red mark. (verb)

4. Suddenly – maybe, while sitting on the toilet or lying in bed – you realise something you never thought of before. You feel amazing – now you know what to do! (verb)

5. Your husband or wife keeps asking you to do something you don’t want to do, like taking out the garbage or doing the washing up. (verb)

6. You put all your food in this and take it to school with you every day. (noun)

7. In the West there are three types of alcohol – beer, wine and a third category – what is it? (noun)

8. The kind of activity that a spy engages in. (noun)

9. This word describes someone who is determined to do as he or she pleases, and not as others want. (adjective)

10. Those annoying people who take photos of celebrities. (noun)

11. Someone who says one thing but does the opposite. (noun)

12. Food eaten before the main course. (noun)

13. When the Earth casts a shadow over the Moon, or when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun. (noun)

14. A joke which is not funny. (noun)

15. This word describes a woman who has a large and sexy body. (adjective)

16. Describes a man who acts like a woman. (adjective)





1. English: homebody; nerd. Chinese: 宅男 zháinán (male); 宅女  zháinǚ (female)

2. English: country bumpkin; bogan (Australia); redneck/hick (US). Chinese: 土包子 tǔbāozi; 乡巴佬  xiāngbalǎo

3. English: give sb a hickey/love bite. Chinese: 给某人留下吻痕 gěi mǒurén liúxià wěnhén; 在某人脖子上种草莓 zài mǒurén bózi shàng zhòng cǎoméi (slang; “to plant a strawberry on sb’s neck”)

4. English: have an epiphany; to have a eureka moment. Chinese: 有灵感 yǒu línggǎn

5. English: nag. Chinese: 唠叨 láodao

6. English: lunchbox. Chinese: 饭盒 fànhé

7. English: spirits. Chinese:  烈酒 lièjiǔ

8. English: espionage. Chinese: 间谍活动 jiàndié huódòng

9. English: headstrong; “their way or the highway”; willful (formal). Chinese: 任性 rènxìng

10. English: paparazzi. Chinese: 狗仔队 gǒuzǎiduì

11. English: hypocrite. Chinese: 伪君子 wěijūnzǐ

12. English: entrée; appetiser; hors d’oeuvre; starter. Chinese: 开胃菜 kāiwèicài

13. English: lunar or solar eclipse; Chinese: 月食 yuèshí or 日食 rìshí

14. English: lame joke; bad joke. Chinese: 冷笑话 lěngxiàohuà

15. English: voluptuous; curvaceous; shapely. Chinese: 凹凸有致 āotūyǒuzhì; 丰满 fēngmǎn; 肉感 ròugǎn

16. English: girly; effeminate. Chinese: 婆婆妈妈 pópomāmā; 娘 niáng


How many were you able to guess? Leave your comments at the bottom.

3 Comments to "Random Word Trivia Quiz Part 2"

  1. Xuchen's Gravatar Xuchen
    25/10/2011 - 6:28 pm | Permalink

    Pretty much got them all but #15.. I’ve heard people describe voluptuous women as 丰满 but not 凹凸有致.

    I have a couple 娘 friends/ 娘们儿 and only learned 婆婆妈妈 a few days ago in 兄弟。 If you haven’t read it I highly recommend it!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kaiwen's Gravatar Kaiwen
    27/01/2012 - 1:41 pm | Permalink

    “在某人脖子上种草莓 zài mǒurén bózi shàng zhǒng cǎoméi”
    AFAIK 种 is read zhòng when used as a verb

    It should be noted that you can make hickeys just through prolonged suction — it breaks the little capillaries under the skin, leaving the same mark with no teeth.

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