49 Trades, Crafts and Occupations in English and Chinese

The following is a glossary of trades (手艺), crafts (工艺) and occupations (职业) in English and Chinese. Basically it’s a run-down of the most common courses you can study at TAFE (or any technical college around the world).

The name of the trade/occupation is provided, along with the position title. Professions (e.g. law, medicine, accounting, etc) are not included.

I think this list is useful because the word for the trade and the tradesperson is not intuitive in either English or Chinese.

Please leave your comments at the bottom. Thanks, again, to Michael and Bo for their excellent translations!


 49 Trades, Crafts and Occupations in English and Chinese

  1. Baking 烘焙
    Baker 面包师
  2. Bartending 调酒
    Bartender 调酒师
  3. Blacksmithing 锻造
    Blacksmith  铁匠
  4. Bricklaying 砌砖
    Bricklayer 砌砖匠
  5. Building 建筑
    Builder 建筑工
  6. Butchering 屠宰
    Butcher 屠夫
  7. Butter and cheese making 黄油奶酪制造
    Butter and cheese maker 黄油奶酪制造师
  8. Carpentry 木工工作
    Carpenter 木匠
  9. Chocolate making 巧克力制造
    Chocolatier 巧克力制造师
  10. Coffee making 咖啡制造
    Barista 咖啡师
  11. Confectionery making 糖果制造
    Confectioner 糖果制造师
  12. Cooking 烹调;烹饪
    Cook 厨师
  13. Decorating 室内装修
    Decorator 室内装潢师
  14. Drafting 绘制
    Drafter 绘图员
  15. Dressmaking 女装裁缝
    Dressmaker 女装裁缝师
  16. Electrical wiring 电气布线
    Electrician 电工
  17. Engraving 雕刻
    Engraver 雕工
  18. Gardening / horticulture 园艺
    Gardener / horticulturalist 园艺工
  19. Glass blowing 玻璃吹制
    Glass blower 玻璃工
  20. Glazing 玻璃抛光
    Glazer 玻璃抛光师
  21. Gunsmithing 造枪
    Gunsmith 枪匠
  22. Hairdressing 理发
    Hairdresser 理发师
  23. Handicraft 手工艺
    Handicrafter, craftworker 手工艺人
  24. Hospitality work 餐饮工作
    Hospitality worker 餐饮工作者
  25. Jewellery making 珠宝制造
    Jeweller 珠宝商
  26. Joinery 细木手工艺
    Joiner 接合者
  27. Landscaping 庭园设计
    Landscaper 庭园设计家
  28. Locksmithing 打锁
    Locksmith 锁匠
  29. Machining 机械制造
    Machinist; fitter 机械工;钳工
  30. Mechanics 机修
    Mechanic 机修工
  31. Metal fabrication 金属制造
    Metal fabricator 金属制造工
  32. Metalworking 金属加工
    Metalworker 金属工
  33. Painting 喷漆
    Painter 油漆匠
  34. Panel beating 钣金作业
    Panel beater 钣金工
  35. Pastry cooking 糕点制造
    Pastry cook 糕点师
  36. Piano tuning 钢琴调律
    Piano tuner 钢琴调音师
  37. Plastering 石膏工艺
    Plasterer 石膏工
  38. Plumbing 水暖
    Plumber 水管工
  39. Safe making 保险柜制造
    Safe maker 保险柜制作者
  40. Shipbuilding 造船
    Shipbuilder; shipwright 造船工作者
  41. Shoemaking 制鞋业
    Shoemaker 鞋匠
  42. Signwriting 写招牌
    Signwriter 写招牌的人
  43. Stonemasonry 琢石艺术
    Stonemason 石匠
  44. Tailoring 裁缝业
    Tailor 裁缝
  45. Tiling 铺瓷砖
    Tiler 瓷砖工
  46. Toolmaking 工具制造
    Toolmaker 工具制造者
  47. Upholstery 室内装潢
    Upholster 家具装饰工
  48. Watch making and clock making 钟表制造
    Watch maker and clock maker 钟表制造者
  49. Welding 焊接
    Welder 电焊工


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    I’m a little sceptical of dressmaker. Google Translate gives 女装裁缝师. Iciba gives (女装)裁缝, with examples 女装裁剪师 etc.

    Are you sure your sources aren’t getting “dressmaker” mixed up with “dress” (连衣裙)? After all, a dressmaker doesn’t just make dresses. For example, Wikipedia gives “dresses, blouses, and evening gowns”.

  2. Bathrobe's Gravatar Bathrobe
    27/08/2011 - 1:23 am | Permalink

    Just as a cabinetmaker doesn’t just make cabinets.

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    I wish you could use the hover-over pinyin like Jon does on Sinosplice, that’d be nice for the characters I don’t know.

  4. Sharon's Gravatar Sharon
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    15. 在中国,不说连衣裙制造者,可能女装裁缝更好一些。

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