222 English Emotions Translated into Chinese

Here’s my piece pièce de résistance: a masterlist of English emotions, faithfully rendered into Chinese by me and my fantastic friends Yangyang and Bo. A lot of these definitions and explanations you won’t find in the dictionary because they have been tailored specifically to an emotional context. I’ve also included English definitions so it’s clear exactly what sense of each word I am referring to.


1. abandoned: no longer cared for by friends or family – 有被抛弃的感觉 [synonyms: deserted; forsaken]

2. absorbed: having one’s thoughts totally occupied with something – 集中精力的;专注;专心 [synonyms: engrossed, focused; antonym: distracted]

3. adventurous: willing to take a risk – 有冒险性精神 [synonyms: bold, daring]

4. alert: being totally awake and ready for something – 警觉;警惕 [synonyms: attentive; on-guard; wary; see also: awake]

5. alienated: separated from one’s friends or family – 疏远 [synonyms: estranged, excluded, isolated]

6. alive: full of vitality – 生机勃勃 [synonyms: lively, sprightly; antonym: dead]

7. ambivalent: having contradictory feelings simulatenously有矛盾看法;有矛盾心态的;矛盾心理的

8. amused: having been entertained – 开心

9. angry: feeling anger – 生气;愤怒;火大 [synonyms: cross, mad, pissed (slang); pissed off (slang); see also: annoyed; furious]

10. annoyed: a little angry about something – 讨厌;厌烦 [synonyms: aggravated, agitated, irritable, irritated, vexed; see also: angry; furious]

11. antisocial: unwilling to communicate with others – 自闭 [antonym: social]

12. anxious: full of anxiety about something unknown 焦虑;担心 [synonyms: alarmed, apprehensive, concerned, discombobulated, distraught, distressed, frantic, frenzied, neurotic, panicked, panicky, uneasy, troubled, upset, worried; see also: nervous]

13. apathetic: feeling nothing – 无所谓 [synonyms: complacent, indifferent, passionless, uncaring]

14. appreciated: recognised by other people as being valuable – 被别人欣赏 [synonyms: valued; antonym: unappreciated]

15. ashamed: feeling shame – 惭愧 [synonyms: shamed, shameful; antonym: proud; see also: embarrassed]

16. average: feeling just like every other day – 一般;老样子 [synonyms: mediocre, normal, okay, ordinary, regular; antonym: off]

17. awake: not asleep – 清醒 [see also: alert]

18. awesome: exteremely good (colloquial) – 太好了;太棒了 [synonyms: groovy, wicked; see also: great, wonderful]

19. awkward: uneasy or uncomfortable – 别扭 [see also: uncomfortable]

20. bad: in low spirits – 不好 [synonyms: crummy (informal), dodgy (slang), lame (informal), lousy, poor; antonym: good]

21. belittled: feeling like someone has made one feel inferior – 被别人轻视

22. better: in higher spirits than before – 好多了

23. bitter: harbouring negative emotion – 愤恨 [synonyms: hateful, resentful, spiteful]

24. bittersweet: feeling both good and bad emotions at the same time – 哭笑不得

25. blah: not knowing what to feel – 没感觉 [synonyms: blank, whatever, vague]

26. bloated: feeling as if one has eaten or drinken too much – 饱胀;撑着了 [see also: full]

27. bored: feeling annoyed because one has nothing meaningful to do – 无聊;枯燥 [synonyms: idle]

28. brave: feeling as if one can face one fears – 勇敢 [antonym: scared]

29. burdened: experiencing heavy pressure or hardship – 觉得压力很大

30. busy: having a lot of things to do – 忙 [see also: rushed, swamped]

31. carefree: without worries – 无忧无虑;畅快

32. chaotic: lacking order or logic – 混乱 [synonyms: hectic]

33. cheerful: in a good mood – 兴奋 [synonyms: bubbly, cheery, chipper, lively, perky, sunny, upbeat; antonym: cranky]

34. claustrophobic: fearing small spaces – 遭受幽闭恐惧症 [see also: stifled]

35. clean: not dirty – 干净 [synonyms: pure; antonym: dirty]

36. cold: feeling low in one’s body temperature – 冷 [synonyms: chilly, freezing, icy; antonym: hot; see also: cool]

37. comfortable: experiencing comfort – 舒服;爽 [synonyms: comfy (informal), cozy, pleasant, settled; antonym: uncomfortable]

38. committed: feeling as if one has made a commitment to someone or something – 忠诚 [synonym: dedicated]

39. competitive: in the mood for competition – 有竞争力

40. complete: feeling as if one does not need anything else – 完整 [antonym: incomplete]

41. confident: feeling as if one can achieve one’s goals – 自信

42. confused: not knowing what to do or how to understand something困惑 [synonyms: befuddled, bewildered, discombobulated, flustered, muddled, puzzled]

43. contemplative: deep in thought – 在沉思中 [synonyms: introspective, reflective, thoughtful]

44. content: feeling as if one has everything one wants or needs in life – 满足 [synonyms contented, fulfilled; antonym: discontent]

45. convinced: feeling as if one agrees with something – 服气 [synonyms: persuaded]

46. cool: feeling pleasantly cold – 凉快 [antonym: warm; see also: cold]

47. cranky: in a bad mood – 烦躁 [synonyms: crabby, grouchy, grumpy; antonym: cheerful]

48. creative: in the mood for creating something – 很富有创造力 [synonyms: artistic, constructive, productive]

49. curious: wanting to know more about something – 好奇 [synonyms: inquisitive]

50. dead: feeling as if one is not living – 要死了 [synonyms: lifeless; antonym: alive]

51. delirious: so tired, frustrated and/or angry that one has become crazy or ecstatic –精神错乱

52. depressed: very unhappy – 忧郁;沮丧 [synonyms: blue (informal), gloomy, melancholy, miserable, moody, mopey, wretched]

53. destructive: wanting to destroy things – 具有毁灭性 [antonym: productive]

54. detached: feeling no emotion about something – 冷酷无情 [synonyms: cold, disconnected]

55. determined: wanting to achieve something – 有决心

56. devastated: extremely sad or disappointed – 伤心欲绝 [synonyms: broken down, crushed, shattered; see also: disappointed]

57. dirty: not clean – 脏;肮脏 [synonym: filthy; antonym: clean]

58. disappointed: feeling disappointment – 失望 [synonyms: deflated, disillusioned; see also: devastated]

59. discontent: feeling not content – 不满足 [synonyms: discontented, incomplete, unfulfilled; antonym: content]

60. discouraged: worried about an impending situation – 气馁 [synonyms: daunted, disheartened, fazed put off]

61. disgusted: having an intense dislike about something – 感到恶心;厌恶;作呕;反感

62. dissatisfied: not feeling satisfied about something – 不满;不满足;不满意 [synonym: disgruntled, unsatisfied; antonym: satisfied]

63. distracted: being unable to maintain one’s full attention 精神不集中的 [synonyms: diverted; preoccupied; scattered; unfocused; antonym: focused]

64. drunk: in a state of intoxication caused by excess consumption of alcohol – 喝醉 [synonyms: hammered (informal), inebriated, intoxicated, pissed (informal), smashed (informal); antonym: sober; see also: tipsy]

65. ecstatic: extremely happy – 狂喜;心花怒放 [synonyms: blissful, euphoric, elated, enthralled, giddy, hyper, rapturous, uplifted; see also: happy, satisfied]

66. embarrassed: feeling shameful discomfort due to a certain situation – 尴尬 [synonyms: discombobulated, flushed; see also: ashamed]

67. emotional: overcome by strong emotions – 易动情的;心情激动的 [synonyms: worked up]

68. empty: not feeling any kind of emotion – 大脑感觉空白的;空洞的;无意义的 [synonyms: bereft, emotionless, hollow, numb, void]

69. energetic: high in energy – 活泼;意气风发;积极 [synonyms: lively]

70. enthusiastic: interested in something – 热情;热心 [synonyms: ardent, eager, keen, passionate, zealous]

71. excited: having great enthusiasm兴奋;激动 [synonyms: stimulated, thrilled]

72. exhausted: extremely tired –  精疲力竭;精疲力尽;极其疲倦;耗尽 [synonyms: drained, frazzled; see also: tired]

73. festive: in the mood to celebrate – 喜庆的状态

74. free: feeling able to do whatever one wants – 自由的感觉 [antonym: constrained; see also: wild]

75. frustrated: in a bad mood because one cannot get what one wants – 有挫败感的;泄气;挫败 [synonyms: disgruntled, fed up]

76. full: having eaten enough – 吃饱了 [see also: bloated]

77. furious: extremely angry –暴怒;发狂 [synonyms: enraged, go crazy, go mad, irate, wrathful; see also: angry, annoyed]

78. generous: in the mood for giving money or resources to people who need it – 慷慨;大方 [synonyms: charitable]

79. good: in high spirits – 好 [synonyms: fine, nice, pleasant, super (dated); antonym: bad]

80. grateful: thankful about other people’s goodwill – 心存感激的;感谢;领情 [synonyms: appreciative, thankful; antonym: ungrateful]

81. great: in very high spirits – 很好;不错 [synonyms: excellent, grand, peachy (informal), swell (dated); see also: awesome, wonderful]

82. guilty: having a sense of guilt – 有负罪感的;内疚 [see also: regretful]

83. happy: feeling happiness快乐;高兴;幸福;愉快 [synonyms: gay (dated), glad, gleeful, jolly (dated), jovial, joyful, joyous, merry (dated), well; antonym: sad; see also: ecstatic, satisfied]

84. healthy: in good health – 健康 [synonyms: well; antonym: sick]

85. heartbroken: suffering from sorrow after a failed romance – 心碎 [synonyms: jilted]

86. hesitant: wanting to put off doing something – 犹豫不决;下不了决心

87. high: intoxicated on illicit substances – 感觉神智恍惚 (no exact term exists – literally, “feeling one’s mind is in a trance”) [synonyms: baked (slang), stoned]

88. homesick: missing one’s home – 想家;四乡;乡愁

89. honoured: feeling one has received honour – 荣幸

90. hormonal: strongly affected by one’s hormones, especially of women – 感到荷尔蒙紊乱 — I’m so hormonal today, I can’t stand to see anyone. — 我今天荷尔蒙紊乱,不能去见任何人。

91. horny: in the mood for sex欲火焚身;“想要” (euphemism) [synonyms: aroused, lustful, turned on]

92. hot: feeling high in one’s body temperature – 热 [antonym: cold; see also: warm]

93. humbled: feeling the positive effects of humility – 深深感觉到责任之重 (no exact Chinese equivalent – literally, “feeling a deep sense of responsibility”) — I felt so humbled to help out during the disaster relief appeal. — 我深深感觉到援助救灾工作的责任之重。

94. humiliated: feeling deprived of one’s dignity – 受到侮辱;使丢脸 [synoynms: degraded, disparaged]

95. hungover [synonyms: groggy, seedy] – feeling the after-effects of alchol consumption – 宿醉 (formal)

96. hungry: wanting food – 饿;饥饿 [synonyms: starving; see also: peckish

97. hurt: to be in emotional pain – 伤心 [synonyms: cut (slang), injured, pained, torn, torn up, wounded]

98. impatient: being unable to wait – 感到不耐烦 [antonym: patient]

99. impressed: feeling a favourable impression about something – 留下深刻的印象 (no exact Chinese equivalent – literally, “leaving a deep impression”) — I was impressed by the exhibition. — 这个展览给我留下了深刻的印象。

100. impulsive: feeling as if one wants to do something unexpected – 一时冲动 [synonyms: spontaneous]

101. inadequate: feeling not good enough – 不充分

102. incomplete: feeling as if something is missing in one’s life – 不完整 [antonym: complete]

103. indescribable: unable to put into words – 难以形容的;难以名状;不可名状的;不可描述的 [synonyms: inexpressible]

104. inferior: feeling not as good as everyone else – 自卑 [antonym: superior]

105. insane: mentally deranged – 精神失常;精神错乱;疯狂;发狂 [synonyms: crazy, mad, nuts (informal), psycho (informal); antonym: sane]

106. insecure: feeling uncomfortable or unconfident about oneself – 没信心;无保障;没把握 [synonyms: threatened, unsafe; antonym: secure]

107. inspired: feeling inspiration to do something – 受启发 — 通过跟你的聊天,我觉得很受启发。— I feel so inspired after talking with you. [synonyms: stimulated; antonym: uninspired]

108. intense: feeling strong emotions – 紧张 [synonyms: extreme]

109. invincible: feeling as if one cannot be harmed by anyone – 不可战胜的 [synonyms: undefeatable]

110. invisible: feeling as if one is being ignored by everyone – 感觉被人忽视了

111. itchy: feeling as if one needs to scratch – 痒

112. jaded: feeling exhausted and/or cynical due to past experiences – 厌倦;厌烦

113. jealous: feeling resentful of someone for a perceived advantage – 嫉妒;妒忌 [synonyms: envious]

114. lazy: not in the mood for doing anything productive  – 懒;懒惰 [synonyms: unmotivated; antonym: motivated]

115. listless: lacking energy or enthusiasm – 无精打采 [antonym: manic]

116. lonely: unhappy on account of lack of human contact – 孤独 [synonyms: alone, lonesome]

117. lost: not knowing what to do next – 迷茫 [synonyms: dazed, disoriented, misplaced, perplexed]

118. loved: feeling other people’s love – 别人喜欢自己;被爱 [synonyms: beloved, cherished; antonym: unloved]

119. lucky: feeling favoured by success – 幸运;运气好 [synonyms: blessed, fortunate, privileged]

120. manic: having great energy (especially in the manic phase of manic-depression/bipolar disorder) – 躁狂 [antonym: listless]

121. meaningless: feeling as if one’s current mood or life has no meaning – 感到没意义

122. moody: feeling as if one’s mood is likely to change quickly – 喜怒无常 [synonyms: temperamental]

123. morbid: fascinated with death – 对于死亡着迷的

124. motivated: in the mood to do something – 有动力 [synonyms: ambitious, driven, enthusiastic; antonym: lazy]

125. moved: emotionally altered by something – 感动 [synonyms: affected, touched]

126. nauseous: feeling unwell and wanting to vomit – 感到恶心;想呕吐 [synonyms: dizzy, nauseated, faint]

127. neglected: feeling as if other people have forgotten one – 感到冷落;感到被忽视了 [synonyms: forgotten, ignored, rejected, unwanted; antonym: wanted]

128. nervous: feeling slightly anxious about something – 紧张 [synonyms: alarmed, agitated, edgy, jumpy, jittery, nervy, on edge, shaky, strained, tense; see also: anxious]

129. nostalgic: yearning about the past – 怀旧

130. obligated: feeling as if one has an obligation towards someone or something – 有责任;有义务 [synonyms: committed, expected, obliged, responsible]

131. obsessed: fixated on one particular thing – 着迷;痴迷;入迷 [synonyms: fixated, obsessive, preoccupied]

132. off: not feel one’s normal self – 心不在焉 [synonyms: absent-minded; antonym: average]

133. offended: feeling upset about other’s remarks or behaviour – 冒犯 [synonyms: insulted]

134. optimistic: focusing on the positive – 乐观 [synonyms: hopeful, positive; antonym: pessimistic]

135. overwhelmed: feeling unable to deal with some kind of pressure or situation – 压垮不知所措 [synonyms: overcome; antonym: underwhelmed]

136. paranoid: feeling irrational fear of or distrust in others – 疑神疑鬼

137. pathetic: feeling as if others should take pity on oneself – 可怜;可悲 [synonyms: pitiful, wretched]

138. patient: being able to wait without losing one’s temper – 感到耐烦 [antonym: impatient]

139. patriotic: love one’s country爱国的感觉

140. peckish: a little hungry – 觉得有点饿 [see also: hungry]

141. pessimistic: preoccupied with negative aspects – 悲观 [synonyms: desperate, desolate, despondent, hopeless, negative; antonym: optimistic]

142. philosophical: in the mood for talking about the meaning of life – 有哲学态度

143. powerful: feeling as if one has a lot of power – 有权利;有势力 [synonyms: mighty; antonym: powerless]

144. powerless: lacking power or strength 无能为力 [synonyms: helpless, impotent, paralysed; antonym: powerful]

145. proud: satisfied with one’s achievements – 自豪;骄傲

146. psychotic: suffering from psychosis – 精神病;神经病

147. random: wanting to do something strange or unpredictable (slang) – 情绪变化得很奇怪 (no exact Chinese equivalent – literally, “mood turning strange”) [see also: weird] — I don’t know why I felt so random that day, I just wanted to run down the street in the pouring rain with no pants on. — 不知道为什么,我那天情绪怪怪的,突然想在大雨之中光着裤子在大街上跑。

148. ready: feeling prepared to do something准备好的 [synonyms: organised, prepared]

149. rebellious: wanting to do something that goes against societal norms – 叛逆

150. reborn: feeling as if one has been born again – 觉得再生复活

151. refreshed: feeling better and more comfortable – 神清气爽 [synonyms: rejuvenated, renewed, rested, revitalised]

152. regretful: feeling bad about something one has done – 感到后悔 [synonyms: remorseful; see also: guilty]

153. relaxed: feeling peaceful and unworried放松 [synonyms: at ease, at peace, calm, easy-going, mellow, peaceful, serene, unbothered, unruffled; antonym: nervous]

154. relieved: happy because one’s stress or discomfort has been removed – 感到宽慰 [synonym: alleviated, comforted, reassured]

155. reluctant: feeling unwilling or hesitant to do something – 不情愿;勉强 — I feel reluctant to accept this. 我感觉接受很勉强。

156.resigned: feeling that one has accepted a less than satisfactory situation – 逆来顺受

157. respected: feeling that other people respects one – 觉得很受尊敬

158. responsible: feeling accountable for a certain act – 感觉有责

159. restless: unable to stay still –烦躁;焦躁;焦急不安;坐立不安 [synonyms: fidgety]

160. ridiculous: deserving of ridicule – 可笑;荒谬 [synonyms: absurd, foolish]

161. romantic: in the mood for love – 浪漫 [synonyms: amorous]

162. sad: very low in spirits – 难过;悲伤 [synonyms: dejected, dispirited, down, flat, gloomy, glum, low, melancholic, melancholy, morose, pensive, sullen, unhappy; antonym: happy]

163. sane: in a healthy mental state – 神志正常;头脑清楚;头脑清晰 [antonym: insane]

164. satisfied: feeling as if one’s needs or desires have been fulfilled – 满意;满足;高兴 [synonyms: glad; pleased; antonym: dissatisfied; see also: ecstatic, happy]

165. scared: feeling fear – 害怕;惊恐 [synonyms: afraid, chicken, fearful, frightened, intimidated; antonym: brave; see also: terrified]

166. secure: feeling unafraid or unworried about life – 安心 [synonyms: safe; antonym: insecure]

167. sensitive: easily offended – 敏感

168. sentimental: feeling overly emotional – 多愁善感 [synonyms: emotional]

169. sexy: feeling extremely attractive – 性感

170. shocked: very surprised, either in a good or bad way – 大吃一惊;震惊,震撼 [synonyms: amazed, dazed, disturbed, perturbed, startled, stunned, taken aback; see also: surprised]

171. shy: unwilling to approach others – 害羞;腼腆;羞涩;怕人;怕羞 [synonyms: bashful, coy, meek, reserved, sheepish, timid]

172. sick: in poor health – 病 [synonyms: ill, queasy, sickly, unhealthy, unwell, woozy, yucky; antonym: healthy]

173. silly: showing a lack of good sense and wisdom 傻;愚蠢 [synonyms: foolish, goofy; see also: stupid]

174. smart: appearing to have great intelligence – 聪明 [synonyms: intelligent; antonym: stupid]

175. sober: not drunk and/or clear-headed – 清醒 [antonym: drunk]

176. social: in the mood to communicate with others – 愿意与人交流 [synonyms: sociable; antonym: antisocial]

177. sore: feeling a certain part of one’s body is in pain – 酸

178. sorry: feeling regret about something one has done – 抱歉;后悔 [synonyms: apologetic, regretful, remorseful]

179. speechless: unable to say anything – 哑口无言;说不出话来;目瞪口呆 [synonyms: dumbstruck; stupefied]

180. spoilt: feeling as if others have been overly generous to you – 被溺爱;被宠坏 [synonyms: pampered]

181. stable: feeling as if it is likely one won’t experience any sudden changes in mood – 稳定 [synonyms: balanced, steady; antonym: unstable]

182. stifled: feeling as if other people are controlling or repressing you – 被限制 — I feel stifled.我觉得好像被限制一样。[synonyms: boxed in, confined, constrained, constricted, cramped, oppressed, pent-up, restricted, smothered, suffocated, suppressed, trapped; see also: claustrophobic]

183. stressful: feeling considerable stress or pressure – 紧张;感到压力 [synonyms: pressured, stressed]

184. strong: having great strength – 强;强壮;强健;强大;强劲  [antonym: weak]

185. stupid: appearing as if lacking intelligence – 傻;蠢;迟钝;笨 [synonyms: dumb, foolish, idiotic, retarded (un-PC), thick; antonym: smart; see also: silly]

186. suicidal: contemplating suicide – 有自杀倾向 [see also: unstable]

187. superior: feeling better than other people – 自傲;优越 [antonym: inferior]

188. supported: feeling the support of others – 被支持 [synonyms: backed]

189. sure: certain in one’s beliefs – 清楚;确定 [synonyms: certain; antonym: unsure]

190. surprised: feeling good about something unexpected – 吃惊;惊讶;出人意外 [synonyms: astonished; see also: shocked]

191. surreal: resembling a dream – 玄妙的 (of mood); 超现实的 (of genre) [synonyms: fantastical; unreal]

192. swamped: extremely busy – 非常忙 [synonyms: overloaded, snowed under; see also: busy]

193. terrible: very unpleasant – 糟糕;差劲 [synonyms: awful, crappy, dreadful, foul, horrible, horrid, nasty, rotten, shit, shitty; antonym: wonderful]

194. terrified: extremely scared – 极度恐惧;非常害怕 [synonyms: horrified, petrified; see also: scared]

195. thirsty: wanting hydration – 渴 [synonyms: dehydrated]

196. tipsy: a little drunk – 有点醉 [see also: drunk]

197. tired: lacking energy – 累;疲劳 [synonyms: buggered (vulgar; slang), drowsy, fatigued, fucked (vulgar; slang), lethargic, sleepy, spent, stuffed, weary; see also: exhausted]

198. unappreciated: feeling as if other people do not value oneself – 被别人无视 [synonyms: disregarded; antonym: appreciated]

199. uncomfortable: experiencing discomfort – 不舒服;不爽 [synonyms: misplaced, unpleasant, unsettled; antonoym: comfortable; see also: awkward]

200. underwhelmed: feeling unimpressed – 未给…留下深刻印象 [synonyms: unimpressed; antonym: overwhelmed]

201. ungrateful: not feeling gratitude不领情的;忘恩负义 [synonyms: unappreciative, unthankful; antonym: grateful]

202. uninspired: not feeling inspiration to do something – 不受启发

203. unloved: feeling not loved by others – 觉得没人爱自己 [antonym: loved]

204. unready: feeling as if one is not prepared – 没准备好的 [synonyms: unprepared; antonym: ready]

205. unstable: not stable – 不稳定 [synonyms: unbalanced, unsteady; antonym: stable; see also: suicidal]

206. unsure: uncertain – 不清楚;不确定 [synonyms: uncertain; antonym: sure]

207. unwelcome: feeling as if one is not welcome – 不受欢迎

208. unworthy: feeling as if one lacks characteristics needed for something – 不配 [synonyms: undeserving]

209. used: feeling as if other people have taken advantaged of oneself – 被利用 [synonyms: taken advantaged]

210. useful: feeling as if one can be of help – 有帮助 [synonyms: helpful; antonym: useless]

211. useless: feeling as if one is of no help – 没用;毫无帮助 [antonym: useful]

212. validated: feeling as if others have confirmed the validity of one’s emotions – 感到自己的价值受到别人的肯定;感觉自己得到了别人的认可

213. violated: feeling as if one has been sexually abused or humiliated – 感觉好像一个人被玷污了;性侵犯

214. vulnerable: feeling as if one is likely to be attacked or harmed – 感觉容易受伤 [synonyms: bare, nude, stripped, threatened, unprotected, weak]

215. warm: feeling pleasantly hot – 暖和 [antonym: cool; see also: hot]

216. weak: lacking strength – 弱;虚弱;衰弱;软弱 [synonyms: fragile, frail; antonym: strong; see also: vulnerable]

217. weird: feeling different from normal – 奇怪 [synonyms: abnormal, bizarre, funny, freaky, odd, peculiar, queer (dated), strange, unusual; see also: random]

218. welcomed: having received a warm welcome – 受到热烈的欢迎;倍受欢迎 [antonym: unwelcome]

219. wild: feeling unaffected by inhibitions – 野生 [synonyms: uninhibited; unrestrained; unruly; see also: free]

220. wonderful: surprisingly excellent – 感觉太棒了;奇妙 [synonyms: amazing, awesome (informal), brilliant, divine, extraordinary, fabulous, fantastic, glorious, gorgeous, incredible, lovely, shiny (slang), spectacular, sublime, terrific, tremendous, unbelievable, unreal (slang); antonym: terrible; see also: great, awesome]

221. worse: feeling not as good as before – 感觉更糟糕了

222. worthless: having no value to society, friends, family, etc – 无用 [synonyms: cheap]

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    You missed so many. This is hardly an exhaustive list. HA HA! Too many too many! The Chinese speaking world and the English speaking world are so emotional!

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    We can translate ‘High’ to ‘磕药了’, which is much more appropriate.:-)

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    adventurous: how about 有闯劲?
    He is an adventurous person.

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    Would be nicer if each word were furnished with an example sentence paired with Chinese translation.

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    Thanks for another great post !

    A few random remarks:
    – miss home: should be 思乡, not 四乡 I guess
    – 心不在焉 seems to be used much more in the sense of “to be absent-minded” (which can be a permanent identity feature) than as “not be one’s normal self” (transitory state by definition)
    – 冒犯, as I understand it, is the active state of offending sb – you wouldn’t say 她很冒犯, but rather (if ever) 她被冒犯. Just like with 得罪, only such a passive structure would be appropriate to convey this meaning.
    – paranoid: 多疑 as synonym to 疑神疑鬼 (if maybe not as strong)
    – drunk : 醉醺醺 as synonym to 有点最 (just because I have a special fondness for all characters incorporating the “alcohol” element…)

    Keep it up

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    (last line in previous comment should of course be read as:
    “- tipsy: 醉醺醺 as synonym to 有点醉”)

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    What about 虚幻迷离 as translated for “high”, be “lost somewhere” ? (N°87)

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    How would you translate this sentence: “Look at your baby (a few months old). She’s so alert!”

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    Re: 123 Morbid: 病态的

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