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Between Languages 007: From Chicken Soup to Echo Chambers

也可以通过喜马拉雅收听。 Words of the Week 1. 雞湯 jītāng 2. 看戲 kànxì 3. 佛系 fóxì 4. 辣眼睛 là yǎnjing 5. 自媒體 zìméitǐ 6. red-pill /rɛdpɪl/ 7. anti-vaxxer /ˈantivaksə/ 8. youthquake /ˈjuːθkweɪk/ 9. cringe /krɪnʒ/ 10. echo chamber /ˈɛkəʊ ˈtʃeɪmbə/

Between Languages 006: From Rainbow Farts to Deep Fakes

也可以通过喜马拉雅收听。 Words of the Week 1. 彩虹屁 cǎihóngpì 2. 飯圈 fànquān 3. 白嫖 báipiáo 4. C位 sēi-wèi 5. 涼涼 liángliáng 6. dox(x) 7. rewild(ing) 8. bailout 9. vocal fry 10. deepfake

Between Languages 002: From Pick-up Artists to Photobombs

也可以通过喜马拉雅收听。 Words of the Week 1. 上头 shàngtóu 2. 实锤 shíchuí 3. 渣男 zhānán 4. 鱼塘 yútáng 5. 海王 hǎiwáng 6. social death /ˈsəʊʃ(ə)l dɛθ/ 7. whataboutery /wɒtəˈbaʊtəri/ 8. gaslighting /ˈɡaslʌɪtɪŋ/ 9. dark pattern /dɑːk ˈpat(ə)n/ 10. photobomb /ˈfəʊtəʊbɒm/

Top 111 Chinese Slang from 2008 to 2018

Happy New Year! To see in the New Year I thought I’d share with you a list of the Top 111 Chinese slang expressions from 2008 to 2018 I’ve compiled. Note: I refuse to include meaningless terms like “duang” and “skr”. Sorry. Look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions. I’m sure some of the […]

Random Trivia #12 – Interesting Conditions

Test your English and Chinese vocabulary level! See how many of these words you can guess. Today’s theme is interesting conditions. Here’s a tip: most of them (but not all) end in 病 bìng (“sickness”) or 症 zhèng (“disease”). Also note many of these are new and popular expressions in Chinese, and some do not […]

33 Funny Words in Chinese

Let’s try something a bit lighter today. Here’s 33 words in Chinese I’ve collected over the years that I think are pretty funny when translated literally. Some of them also reveal a little bit about Chinese culture and thinking. Enjoy! 33 Funny Words in Chinese A computer is an “electric brain” (电脑). A cactus is […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Euphemisms in Chinese and English

I’ve always been fascinated with the concept of euphemisms in language – that is, words and expressions which allow you to express something without doing so in a direct way. In Chinese they are known as 婉辞, though in daily conversation it is more common to hear them described as 委婉语 or 委婉的说法. Here are […]

104 More Common Erhuayin Words in Mandarin

This is a follow-up to my previous post about 128 Common Erhuayin Words in Mandarin. 天儿 tiānr: 1. day 今天是什么天儿?What’s the day today? 2. weather 聊天儿: to chat 大白天儿说梦话:to talk in a delusional fashion; to speak as if one’s head is in the clouds; to sound as if one is daydreaming 影儿 yǐngr: shadow 电影儿: […]

128 Common Erhuayin Words in Mandarin

The following is a list of 128 most common 儿化音 (erhuayin, erhua) words in Mandarin. For the uninitiated, erhuayin is when you add 儿 on the end of a word. Simple examples include 好玩儿 (hǎowánr, “fun”) and 画画儿 (huàhuàr, “to paint; to draw”). Note that I haven’t included incidences where erhuayin is added on the […]

Random Word Trivia #8

Now it’s time for another Random Word Trivia Quiz! Which of these can you guess the Chinese and English for? Answers are at the bottom! (Don’t peek until you can figure them out!) You have a big belly, possibly from too much eating or drinking (noun) You know someone who has a huge vocabulary and […]