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Carl’s Recommended English Vocabulary – Part 3

Here’s the next batch – enjoy! 第三批已经写完了!   Download Carl’s Recommended English Vocabulary – Part 2 下载傅君恺英语词汇表第二部 Download Carl’s Recommended English Vocabulary – Part 3 here

Carl’s Recommended English Vocabulary – Part 2

Here’s the next batch of vocabulary I recommend my students learn. They represent the most common words used in everyday spoken and written English according to various corpora. 这是下一批我建议学生学习的词汇。按照各种语料库,它们代表日常生活中的英语口语和书面的最常用词语。 In preparing these lists I discovered that some of the most common words native speakers of English use every day are often completely unknown to Chinese […]

Carl’s Recommended English Vocabulary – Part 1

My students are always very interested in boosting their English vocabulary. However, I noticed that many of the vocabulary books published in China are of a poor quality – they are either full of Chinglish or don’t select the most practical words for students to learn. So I decided to create a few of my […]

Carl’s IELTS Essay Correction Glossary (卡尔的雅思写作修改必备词汇)

When Chinese students ask me the quickest way to improve their IELTS Writing score, I always tell them that personalised feedback is the most important thing. That, and the three Rs: Rewrite, Revise and Read – Rewrite your essays in accordance with the feedback you get; Revise everything that you learn; Read more articles that […]

The Challenges of Protecting the Environment: An English-Chinese Practice Passage

The following is an original text written by me about environmental issues. It can be used as a consecutive interpreting practice, or as study material for IELTS writing or NAATI interpreting training. Enjoy!   The Challenges of Protecting the Environment 环境保护的挑战 Carl Gene Fordham 傅君恺 Firstly, it must be said that tackling environmental issues should […]

100 English and Chinese Conversation Topics (with Pinyin)

My role at Global Hearts has expanded lately, which is very cool. They provide unique, bilingual tours of Melbourne for international students from all over the world. Their goal is to bridge the existing communication gap between international students and locals, a very worthwhile ambition. They also run a very awesome Chinese and English language […]